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Steve Bakalar
IT Management Married 3
After Tara, graduated from Rice U. with a degree in Economics.   Worked in Houston for 10 years with a consulting firm.  After a 3 year stop in Columbia South Carolina made my way to Atlanta.  My wife and I have three daughters, 26, 22, 19.   A nutritionist, a business consultant and one studying nursing.  I am a little late to getting around to this post but would enjoy reconnecting.
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Jeannine Southwick (Barr)
district court judge Married
I have been in Houston since 1985 and I still enjoy it here.  I am a Criminal Court  Judge  which keeps me  quite busy.  I"m married (15 years ) to a terrific man who is a  criminal defense attorney.  When we aren't busy working, we travel as much as we can.  Sorry that I can't make the reunion.  Send Jeannine a MessageSend Jeannine a Message
Dana Nasca (Basinger)
Married 2
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David Beavers
January 19, 1960 Environmental Consultants Single
It's been really great to read and catch up on everyone's life since graduation.  After high school, some how I got into LSU and graduated with degrees in criminal justice and political science.  Worked as a probation officer with juveniles ( had experience with juvenile delinquents going to school with John Pinegar, Rusty Meador....always getting me in trouble).  After one year had enough and got on with the federal government as a special agent with the Treasury Department located in Baton Rouge.  Left after 9 years when they wanted to move me to Dallas or Chicago.  Not going to  happen.  So I met a new friend from Houma, Louisiana who owned an environmental consulting and service company.  Worked for him several years and started my own company called Clean Water Consultants in March of 2006.  Best move I ever made.  Nothing like being your own boss.  Never married, but have helped to raise several kids, Juan, Clayton and Carl.  Still keep in touch all these years with Rusty Meador, Clint Dobson, Hank Chiles and others who graduated earlier.  Wish had done a better job of keeping up with other old friends.  Hope to see everyone soon.  Could not send a photo, need to lose weight (you too Rusty and Hank not you Clint). Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Gena Berry
October 17, 1960 Chef Single
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Charlotte Guillory (Brant)
Plant Administrator Married 4
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Bret Buhler
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 11, 1960 President Stradis Healthcare Married 2
After graduating from LSU I began touring the country as a front man for a Whitesnake cover band, playing bowling alleys and skating rinks accross the country. We became know as "one of the best Whitesnake cover bands in the Midwest," according to Cover Band magazine. I was also secretly working as a Black Opps agent for the Regan administration. In the late 80's I began running counterinsurgency operations in such places as South America and Northern Africa. That is about all I can divulge about that period of my life. Through the years I established a cover as a business man operating out of Florida for 14 years until relocating to the Atlanta area in 1999 to run a medical device company. During this period I managed to establish a family (I believe them to be pictured below). I am looking forward to reconnecting with all of you and finding out about your exciting lives. Send Bret a MessageSend Bret a Message
Celeste Ward (Chargois)
March 31, 1960 Bookkeeper Married 2
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Hank Chiles
Insurance Company VP Married 4
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Susan Salter (Clayton)
August 05, 1960 Product Director Married

I finally logged on the site and have really enjoyed reading everyone's postings.  I'm amazed at where everyone has been and what you've accomplished in love and life in 30 short years!  My story is short and sweet.  After graduation, I went to LA Tech in Ruston, but didn't stay long.  On a visit home, I met the love of my life, AJ.  So, I returned home to be near him and to attend LSU (GEAUX TIGERS!).  I graduated in 1982 and worked for 8 years as a social worker.  Then, I joined the Louisiana Lottery, where I've been for 17 years.

AJ and I have been married for over 26 years.  He's still the love of my life and my best friend.  We've enjoyed traveling, scuba diving, riding motorcycles.

Unfortunately, I have lost contact with all my friends from Tara.  Although I do run into an old classmate every now and then.  

A huge Thank You to the reunion committee for all their hard work and for giving us all the opportunity to meet up with old friends again.  And to remember and honor those we have lost.

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