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Toni Dugas (Combetta)
January 10, 1960 Hairstylist Married 3
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Diane Blank (Cook)
Dental Office Administration Married 2
Greetings Everyone!  (I'm so excited!)  I have been peeking at our site every couple weeks and finally have put aside 4 hours to add my info.  (kidding; but I do still love to talk, and write)  So, I met my husband, Bill, at SLU in Hammond and we are working on year #29.  Bill taught and coached in our public school system for 14 years, then started his own  lawn/landscaping business.  I worked in the hospitality industry for about ten years and then healthcare administrative support the last fifteen.  (Floss people, floss!)  I still dream of writing a great book one day, of taking voice lessons and of being on Oprah with my sisters; (topic:  ADD?  birth order?).  We have two sons, Adam, 18 this March, and Aaron, 15.  I love my boys SO MUCH; motherhood has brought me a joy I never could have imagined, sprinkled with a few challenges.  Oh, can't forget my girls: Jubilee, our Jack Russell Terrorist, and Twinkle, our cat.  I'm the only one of "The Blanks" that left Louisiana and have lived in Jax Beach ever since, where my husband grew up.  It's beautiful here.  I still root for the Tigers; my husband is a Gators Fan, my sons are torn and we come together for our Jacksonville Jaguars.  (Superbowl next year!)  I am so blessed to say my parents and all 7 siblings and their familes are alive and well in Baton Rouge.  I am so, SO proud of all their successes and I miss them every day.  And I'm crying as I'm typing this.  And you, who know me well, know I really am.  Right Cissy?  (I'll call soon, promise!)  I miss all my old Tara buddies too, some of us going back to St. George days - boo hoohoo hoohoo. (You know who you are!  Steve, spell check!  Spell check!)  I've really enjoyed reading everyone's postings so far, seeing your families and hearing about the many, interesting, diverse paths you've taken.  I have mucho fond memories of every single one of you that I know, and knew, and, as I look back, I am amazed, but not surprised, how you've affected my life in big ways and small.  And now that I've "thrown it all out there", embarrassed myself (and perhaps my brothers and sisters, sorry, love ya) and accomplished my goal for the lengthiest posting, (Did I win the prize, Maris?) I'll end with - I am sincerely looking forward to seeing you in June.  Everyone please try to attend, especially those of you who didn't make it to past reunions.  We really miss you guys.  A huge thanks to our committee for the hard work thus far and the hard work sure to come.  (Check forthcoming.)  May God bless everyone who reads this.  LOVE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!  Now can the rest of you get on the ball and post a few words on here?  (Boy, I'm all over the place.  Did I mention I may be pregnant?) Send Diane a MessageSend Diane a Message
Janie Chauvin (Cousin)
Registered Nurse Married 2
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Tim Cox
Profile picture
Engineer Married 3
How time has flown since graduating from Tara.....I've been married now for 14 years to my wonderful wife Jonna, who I met while on a work assignment in Ohio.  Jonna was dancing with the Dayton Ballet and I was building a plant for BASF in Greenville.  We have 3 great kids now (Ashley 12, Ben 10, and Leah 5) and are homeschooling them here in Baton Rouge.  God bless..... Send Tim a MessageSend Tim a Message
Robyne Sullivan (Crow)
February 19, 1960 Principal Married 3
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Charlotte Ainsworth (Didier)
Billing Specialist Widowed 2
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Verna Dixon (Dixon Fletcher)
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 23, 1960 Rehabilitation District Supervisor Married 2

After graduation, I attended LSU and completed a degree in Family, Life, and Environment.  I went back to graduate school at Southern University 20 years later and completed a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.  I am currently employed by Louisiana Rehabilitation Services as a Rehabilitation District Supervisor.  I have worked in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling for the past 23 years and I find it very rewarding.  I married Bill Fletcher in 1988.  He is a Senior Nuclear Planner at Waterford III Nuclear Power Plant.  We will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year.  We have two wonderful sons, Hayes-18 and Luke-14.  I never realized that motherhood was the most rewarding job in life, yet so tough at times!  Now I see what we put our parents through!  I really enjoy reading about the lives of all our classmates.  I still stay in touch with Kathy Graves, Melanie Mitchener, Rachel Reed, Susan Danenhower, and Kate Longacre.  We miss our dear friend Ellen Herrington who passed away.  Ellen and I were looking so forward to becoming little blue haired ladies that would refer to their friends by their maiden names like I just did.  That’s for Ellen!

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Clint Dobson
April 06, 1960 Unit Leader/Insurance Married 2

After Tara, I graduated from LSU in Business.  Eager to test my new found "Business Knowledge" I went into business with Rusty Meador and David Beavers.  We had a lot of fun during that time, but not much business success..... Kind of like my years at LSU.  After that, I worked for the parish government for 6 years.  The only good that came from that was that I met my wife, Denise.  Hank Chiles enticed me to leave the parish, not for more money but less, to work in the glamourous field of Workers' Comp ...... I'm a much better negotiator now than I was then.  For the past 17 years I've been in the business of playing 'doctor', 'lawyer' and 'banker' to the injured worker, healing many of them by giving them money as I managed to scrape out a living despite Hank's generosity... thanks Hank.... I mean Boss, Sir.... Do you want 2 coats of wax on your Jag?

It took me 34 yrs to grow up enough to get married and start an instant family.  I've been married to my best friend Denise for 14 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters, Angela, 22 and Carlie, 11.  Denise owns Toptoe Dancewear where I'm the official model, so if your in the market for a tutu, look her up (cheap-plug #1).   Angela is currently cutting hair at I-Catchers in BR (cheap-plug #2), help me get her truly independent!  Carlie attends St. George and is Papa's little girl who enjoys dancing, basketball, volleyball and fishing.  The great thing about remaining in BR, is that on occasion I do run into many of you or hear of your successes through mutual friends and family.  Other than my hair, I miss seeing those I lost touch with.  

David and I meet for lunch on the last Friday of each month at a local watering hole.  Hank  makes the occasional cameo appearance along with one of David's 'sons' .  Anyone is more than welcome to join us or avoid us whatever your preference.  I hope to see many of you there this year and I wish all is well with you and your families. 

PS: It's long overdue but David  has been nominated for Father of the Year.  You probably don't know Juan, Clayton or Carl (mentioned in his bio), but believe me, he's done a good job of rearing those 3 characters.

GREATEST MEMORY:  Hank & I giving no mercy to Rusty & David in basketball.  We will never let them forget that one time they lost to our superior talent. 

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Sharon Tennyson (Ducote)
Profile picture
September 25, 1960 Mom, Music Minister, Youth Minister Married 5
After graduation, I attended NLU in Monroe for 4 years where I met my wonderful husband.  I finished at LSU, and then began moving around the south with my husband's job.  We've been married for almost 26 years and are the parents of four boys and a girl.  Our oldest son is 21 and a junior in college.  We homeschool the other four:  a senior, junior, 7th grader and 3rd grader (our daughter... who rules the roost!).  Somehow I still find time to be a Music and Youth Director for church and the keyboardist/ vocalist in a rock band.  Whew, I'm tired just reading this.  See you this summer! Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Chris O'Neil (Ellis)
Legal Assistant Married
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