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Layne LeBlanc
Married 1
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Danette Giroir (Legendre)
Director, Respiratory Care Married 2
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Ronald Legendre
General Contractor/Builder Married 2
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Guy LeVan
Profile picture
November 11, 1960 Professional Liability Insurance Married 1
Hello All!  Trying to get down there for this celebration.  We have been in Idaho for the last 6 years, and really enjoy living in the metro Boise area, after almost two decades in Denver.  

 After finishing LSU in 1982, I attended the University of Denver for Graduate School, and never left the West.  And, the rest of the LeVan clan has been living in North Carolina since 1990, so I have no more immediate family in Louisiana. Looking forward to seeing all of you in Baton Rouge in June of this year.
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maris morel (martinez)
retired Married 3
after 23 years of hairdressing, and motherhood, i have retired! my three children are grown and out of the house. i have one daughter, morgan (26), married with one child and one on the way. i also have two sons, jeff,(25), who will be married in dec. 08, and brady,(23), who just returned from the army and  is in college. i am now enjoying being a grandmother and stay at home wife. i have been very involved in my church, ministering to women . i am looking forward to seeing where life has taken everyone. see you soon, maris Send maris a MessageSend maris a Message
Jill Hinton (McDaniel)
December 30, 1960 Legal nurse consultant Married 2
 After graduation I had various jobs working as a sales rep for RJ Reynolds, Teter's Floral and Neostyle eyeglasses.  I didn't like it much though so I decided to go to back to school when my kids were very young.  My daughter started kindergarten and my son was a year old the year that I started at LSU to get my prerequisites for nursing.  I must have been nuts!  It all worked out though.   I graduated in 1995 and I'm now self employed as a legal nurse consultant.  I also work part time for Promise Specialty Hospital.   I'm married to Layne McDaniel.  We're celebrating out 25th wedding anniversary in June!  You may have seen him recently in the local Big Buddy's 'Dancing with the Stars' event.  He was Elvis!  I've enjoyed reading everyone's entries.  I've never attended any of the previous reunions, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Send Jill a MessageSend Jill a Message
Lisa Gautreau (McLean)
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Homemaker Married 6
This is a photo of my family at Mount Vernon, a trip we took last May. I like it because this is how we look every day, and this is what we are usually doing: traveling or studying something; in this case, both. I'm homeschooling, getting the education I never got (ha!).  My oldest daughter is  married with children, making me a Granny. I love seeing the posted photos ~ won't make it in June *sniff*. Send Lisa a MessageSend Lisa a Message
Lyn Heard (McMillin)
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July 15, 1960 Community Volunteer Married 3
I can't believe it has really been 30 years!  After Tara, I went to Ole Miss (Go Rebels!) and received degrees in business and journalism.  While I was there, I met my husband, David, and through the years we have lived in Alabama, Virginia and Indiana.  In 1993 we moved back South to Madison, Mississippi (just north of Jackson).  We have three children -- Greg, 18, who just graduated and will be a freshman at Vanderbilt; Lauren, 16, a junior; and Mark, 12, a 7th grader. 

In the early years I worked in public relations, marketing, and advertising, and in recent years I have worked as a community volunteer. 

My parents are still in Baton Rouge and I get back a couple of times a year, and always for the Ole Miss/LSU football game.

I would love to see everyone, but unfortunately I will not be able to come to this reunion --- hopefully I will be at the next one!

Have loved reading about everyone and hope you all have a GREAT time!  Thanks to the Reunion Committee for getting this all together!
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Russell Meador
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June 30, 1960 Regional Mgr Married 3
WOW!  After looking at pictures and mirror, we are getting old.  Life is flying by quickly, and yet it helps to  be able to count your blessings. 

I left BR in '86 and moved to ALABAMA where I met my wonderful wife Laura, of almost 20 years.  We have three fantastic children: Mitchell (11), Michael (9), and Lauren (8).  We reside in beautiful Baldwin County, AL.  Half of my work life was spent in Restaurant Mgt and the second half has been in the Industrial Field.  My employment is with HydroChem Industrial Service as a Regional Mgr covering the Gulf Coast.  Laura is a homemaker and spends most of her time supporting the family's extracurricular activities with spare time managing rental properties.  The children are very involved in sports and nowadays, that takes lots of time.

Some of you I have stayed in touch with (you know who you are) and look forward to seeing the rest.  Knowing what David Beavers and Hank Chiles look like, I am not extremely worried about my appearance (Clint still looks in great shape).  Also, everyone knows that Beavers was the agitator of the group.  He is fortunate that I kept him out of trouble.  Federal Gov't would not have hired him otherwise!

Blessings to all and until then...

(Clint:  David and I do not remember that supposed victory.... among other false tales!)
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Sharon Smith (Meyer)
May 15, 1960 Dermatologist Married 3
Wow, it's hard to write this with the background music but I am so tech illiterate that I don't know how to turn it off!! Anyway, sorry I can't be there(reasons stated on the site) but wanted to say hello! Fortunate to have a job I love (practicing dermatology) in New Orleans and raising 3 teenagers with my husband of 19 years.  My eldest son, who is like my husband, never gets into any trouble and is probably the only New Orleanian not to drink but my daughter, like if you recall me in high school at the age of 15, can tell you Silver Patron is not your average tequila! But hey, I got it together and so will she! Love her to death!! We will see with the youngest...Anyway, my husband, an orthopedic surgeon, makes me take these adventure vacations with him-last one is we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in October.  Not too hard if any of you want to do it. I still think of my high school days often and have saved all my mementos. Best wishes to all of you in the next decade!! What would I do if I could do it all again? Maybe had sex earlier, smoked more pot and had sex after smoking pot!! Please don't tell my daughter this! Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
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