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Rhett Westerman
Engineer Divorced 1
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Betsy Wilks
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Clinical Social Worker Divorced 1
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Jay Williams
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May 20, 1960 Married 2

Hello Everyone,


It’s been awhile.  What to write, my life in a nutshell…  After Tara, I finishing up at LSU in 1985 then headed to Texas A&M for more graduate school.  I finished there in 1988 then moved to Blacksburg and the mountains of southwest Virginia to join the faculty at Virginia Tech.  I’ve been here ever since teaching and doing research in muscle physiology and biochemistry.  As of August, I will have put in 20 years.  


Paula (a native Texan) and I were married in 1985.  We have two great boys.  Both are heavily into soccer (thankfully they take after their mom).  Our 18 year old, Jeremy just graduated high school and is headed to Virginia Tech to play soccer and study biology.  Our youngest, Mitchell is entering 8th grade this fall and is following in big brother’s footsteps.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), our kids have the more exciting lives.  Both have been fortunate enough to travel to Europe and Central America to play soccer while Paula and I pretty much get to stay home and pay the bills ;-)  Nevertheless, we are incredibly proud of them and grateful for their opportunities.  The picture of all of us was taken a week ago at graduation.  It’s easy to see that I’ve clearly “married up”!


We made it back to BR this fall for the LSU-VT football game.  We had a fantastic time and nobody tailgates like the Tigers...  I did wear my purple and gold.  Despite my affection for the Hokie Nation, my heart will always be with Baton Rouge and LSU.  


For those of you who remember my mom, she is doing well.  She officially retired from Tara several years ago but she does go back from time to time to help out in the office.  


It was great hearing from many of you after April 16.  All of us here appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  It’s been a rough year.  But it was wonderful re-connecting with you after nearly 30 years.


Lastly, I won’t make if back for the reunion.  Too many things going on this summer to get down there.  I do hope everyone has a great time.  



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Gay del Rio (Winters)
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April 25, 1960 Physician Married 3
I am updating the website in anticipation of our 40 year class reunion. I can't believe how time has flown by! I am enjoying once again refreshing my memory of all of you with the last entries from our 30 year reunion. I hope everyone is well. I enjoy running into fellow Tara Trojans around BR. I am still a Radiologist at Woman's Hospital going on 23 years now. My husband, Chris, still practices urology in New Orleans. We hope to end our crazy commuting lifestyle soon with at least one of us retiring. We will probably make New Orleans our permanent home then. Like most of you, I'm sure, we are empty nesters now. Our oldest child, Jack, works for my brother-in-law in the cruise ship industry in New Orleans, my middle child, Julia, is a second year LSU vet student (soon to be married), and my youngest, Emily, just graduated from LSU Nursing school and begins employment as RN monday. (Yay!) Now for more travel, fine dining, and adult beach time! Please everyone try to attend the reunion. It would be great to catch up and remember fun times at Tara! Send Gay a MessageSend Gay a Message
Patricia Bateman (Wynne)
Medical Billing Specialist Married
I've been married for 25 years to a wonderful man, Frank.  We met while his sister & I were in nursing school.  We were transferred to sunny CA in '84 which is where he is from & moved back to LA just in time for Katrina.

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Ben Yaun
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Sales and Marketing Executive Widowed 2

I have no idea why at this moment I decided to look up Tara High School but I did . . . . THS was such a great part of my life.  


My experiences at Tara HS launched my 30+ year career in the radio and television industry .  It all began at WLUX Radio and in the Tara HS Drama Classes.


I’m retired now, father of two adult “men” ages 26 and 24.  My wife passed away a number of years ago of lung cancer. Never smoked loved to play tennis . . . I tell my boys God needed someone in heaven to play the net . . . 


AS I looked through the Tara HS Website it brought back many great memories . . . .


Remember the year book of 78? 


A lot of those photos were mine.  Mr Gleason who thought photography was my inspiration and mentor . .  Great Guy 


The only reason I ever ended up at Tara HS was because the school board closed down Baton Rouge HS and turned it into a “Magnet School”  So me and my homies got bused out to Tara.  


We were a bunch of blue jean red necks shipped off to a school of khacki wearing prepies . . . .  First year was a bitch.  But we adapted and overcame . . . .LOL


I loved Tara HS,  made a lot of good friends and many memories there.


Hope all is well with you

Love ypu giys thanks for the good times 


Peace, Love, Happiness 


Ben Yaun


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Karen Zeno
October 28, 1960 Account Executive Single 2
I am living in Lafayette and I have two beautiful children Megan and Marc. I love Lafayette it is a great place to raise a family and we are blessed with really good food,  alot of friendly people, and there is always  something to do here.
 My favorite activities are playing tennis and running in my spare time and  going to football games at STM where my son will be a senior this year. Also going to "Tiger stadium" LSU Games of course.
I am currently an account executive for Cox Media  advertising and I have been with Cox media for 10 years.
It was so much fun seeing everyone at the reunion. It was really a great time and
I hope we have another reunion in five years because another ten years would be to long. 
Also many thanks to our awesome committee and all of their efforts in making our reunion so nice.
I hope you all live well, laugh alot, and appreciate all your blessings in life !
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